Klasinc & Loncar, the Croatian husband-and-wife guitar duo is based in Northern Virginia, where they keep a busy performing and teaching schedule. They are actively involved in organizing and promoting musical events in the area. During their 20-plus years long career, they have performed in Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Bosnia, Slovenia, Germany, France, the U.S and Puerto Rico. Their artistic specialty includes the music from the Mediterranean area and original compositions by Miroslav Loncar.

Miroslav Loncar composed an original composition for Le Salon d'Automne. The composition is scored for two guitars and consists of four short movements which are based on four paintings: Nocturne d'Automne by Rouault, Open Window by, Charing Cross Bridge by Darain, and Oasis by Marquet.

The first movement suggests a nocturnal mood with a repetitive melody and a tranquil and mellow sonority. Second movement depicts a view from an open window by its harmonic structure which is based on open string chords and chords in which open strings are mixed in the harmony. Third movement paints the reflection of the water under the bridge and the peacefulness of the original image. Fourth movement consists of two sections: a slow introduction,  and a lively dance which is full if life and hope just like an oasis. The image of a middle-eastern desert inspired a short section resembling an Arabic melody.


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